About Us

How We Began

Khameleon was started in 1989 by brothers Doug Angelone and Matthew Angelone as an early project management solution, helping service-driven companies manage all aspects of their business in one single interface. We built our software to handle every possible business function, from lead generation, to project management, analytics, accounting, and help desk support: hence the name Khameleon, a nimble, adaptable tool to suit any surrounding.

As we dove deeper into the ERP business, we started to build meaningful relationships with our clients in the office contract furniture, AV, and integrated security industries. Over the next two decades, these relationships would inspire us to build a one-of-a-kind software tailored uniquely to their needs.

Today, we count many of the largest office furniture dealers as our clients and friends, using our solution for their day-to-day business operations, making us one of the industry's leading software solution providers. We did this by building trusted relationships with each client, so we could build a better business solution and help them find new approaches to providing their own customers with stellar service and support.

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Our Mission

We develop solutions in direct response to our clients' needs, making every product enhancement and decision by listening to them and their challenges. By specializing in a few industries, we can help them serve their customers.

Our Values

Our values are the very foundation of what we do and every decision we make. Whether it's hiring new staff, training our clients, or developing new features for our software, we ensure that everything we do is a clear reflection of what we value the most.


Technology, as well as the office furniture industry, is always changing and evolving. It's not only important to us that we grow with it, but that we lead the charge on many of the industry's developments.


Our best ideas come from our clients, so we make sure we listen to them. Every year, at our user conference, we ask our clients to give us face-to-face feedback and new ideas. We want to hear it all — the good, the bad, the ugly. It may not be our most comfortable meeting of the year, but it's always one of the best.


We don't exist without our customers, so we put our highest priority on our customer support. Whether you call, email, or send a help desk request, we'll respond quickly. We're even available outside our regular business hours, and our executives are available to you 24/7.


We love what we do, and we're grateful to the clients who have helped us create an excellent workplace with outstanding colleagues. Our clients have made a long-term investment in our product and our people. To show our gratitude, we work hard to deliver tangible and measurable returns on your investment in us.

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