9 Benefits of Cloud-Based ERP Systems For Security Service Providers

By khameleon

Struggling to meet your clients’ needs? Need an advantage over your competitors?

We don’t have to tell you that managing and growing your business can be hard. Security providers have many moving parts to their business and challenging project delivery demands.

A cloud-based ERP system can help improve every aspect of your daily operations, so you can tangibly grow your business without hiring more staff.

In this article, we are going to discuss

  • Is cloud storage secure?
  • Cloud security benefits

Is Cloud Storage Secure?

As a business in security, the first thing you will probably ask yourself, “is cloud storage secure?” After all, you are managing your own secure information as well as your clients’.

In short, yes cloud storage is secure. In fact, it is more secure than regular physical storage for several reasons.

One reason is that there is not one physical server. Another reason is that there are more security barriers to accessing the information.

But that is just the beginning, there are tons of other cloud security benefits, so let’s dive in.

9 Cloud-Based ERP Security Benefits

A cloud-based ERP software uses a cloud platform instead of a physical on-premise network. There are several benefits to implementing a cloud-based ERP in your security systems business.

1. Prompt Disaster Recovery

With cloud-based software, you can make sure your customer’s data is protected by regularly backing up operating systems, applications, and data. This allows you to maintain your security systems and services even if a disaster occurs.

Additionally, this helps your customers have more uptime and gives them peace of mind that their data is secure. Reducing your customers’ fears and frustrations will increase their satisfaction leading to positive referrals and repeat customers.

2. Secure Perimeter & Internal Firewalls

When being trusted with other security, you need to make sure your own software is secure. Your cloud-based ERP perimeter firewalls will check if any data you are trying to store in your file packets is safe.

cloud security benefits

While blocking external cyber-attacks is important you still need to be protected from any internal firewalls. For example, if one of your employees accidentally falls victim to a phishing scam the rest of your information can be at risk.

Speaking cyber-attacks, that brings us to our next benefit.

3. Superior Intrusion Detection

After your firewall protects you it is important to be updated on any intrusion attempts. Intrusion detection tracks and records any attempts and give you event logging solutions.

Not only is this good information to know, but it also helps you stay compliant with industry standards. For example, Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPPA) standards.

4. Enhanced Communication

Having transparency with your customer and clear communication internally is very important to running your business.

With multiple departments or employees working on one client you need to make sure they are all consistent. You can ensure this by making sure they all have access to crucial information.

cloud security benefit

When it comes to communication with your clients, you want to be able to quickly respond to any service requests. A cloud-based ERP software will notify you the moment a customer submits a request so you can respond in a timely manner and build trust.

5. More Uptime

Downtime can lead to fines, loss of business, and a bad reputation. If your business experiences downtime you can’t provide support to your customers or meet deadlines.

Cloud-based software allows you to have a flexible capacity letting you meet fluctuating operational needs without overloading your data centers.

Another reason for more uptime is that you do not have to rely on one single server. When a business only has one location server it is susceptible to outages.

6. Reduced Reliance on Hardware

Speaking of more uptime, relying on hardware can lead to downtime. Using cloud-based software can help your business reduce its reliance on hardware.

For example, while your team is out in the field they can get automatic updates without having to do individual downloads. When every single one of your devices doesn’t need to download the information it can save costs and improve the efficiency of the devices.

7. Exceptional Scalability

Having a cloud-based software solution allows you to efficiently grow your company and take on more projects. Cloud platforms make it easy to add or remove additional functions and storage as you go.

Not only can you make changes based on demand and capacity but you can also adjust to technology and industry updates. With cloud-based ERP systems, you aren’t reliant on physical hardware so expansion is much easier.

A good SaaS partner will only make you pay for the capacity you need and add as you go.
This flexibility saves you money by allowing you to only pay for what you need cause you can always make changes.

8. Remote Capabilities

cloud security benefits, remote capabilities

Mobility is important as a security systems provider. Your team needs a cloud-based ERP system to help ensure they can provide quality service to your customers wherever they are.

With Khameleon, you can bring your software wherever you go, giving you access to important data in the field. Your team will receive the reports and data they need exactly when they need it in order to run a productive, profitable, and interconnected business.

9. Improved Reporting

The best way to determine where your business should go, you first need to look back. When reporting is done manually errors can occur leading to bad business decisions and unsatisfied customers.

With cloud-based ERP you can get accurate reporting that is displayed in a way to easily analyze your data. Then you can easily assess where you can make improvements, pinpoint causes of margin erosion, and measure performance.

Khameleon provides personalized dashboards so you can receive updates and instantly review any crucial data.

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