ERP Migration: 8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Implementing a New ERP

By khameleon

Are you looking to implement a new ERP software? Want to migrate from your old ERP system that is lacking to a better one?

ERP migration and implementation can be an overwhelming process that involves a lot of research. Many businesses accidentally make small mistakes during ERP migration or implementation that end up costing them lots of money in the long run.

So, we put together a list of common mistakes people make during ERP migration and implementation so you know exactly what to avoid.

Let’s dive in!

8 Mistakes to Avoid During ERP Migration and Implementation

Mistakes are natural, every person makes them. Making mistakes is how you learn and grow.

But when it comes to running a business, mistakes can be detrimental. Did you know that nearly 50% of ERP projects fail due to mistakes?

Luckily for you, we compiled a list of 8 mistakes businesses make so you can learn from them.

1. Underutilization of ERP

What if we were to give you a machine and told you that anything you zapped turned to gold? You’d probably use it on everything you own.

Well, for some reason even though businesses have a solution that they can implement throughout all of their processes to help increase their revenue, they only use it for some.

In a way, they are losing money by not using it. Additionally, the best way to optimize your workflow is to be able to get a full picture of your processes. This can only be done if you have everything set up on ERP software.

2. Skipping Change Management

Whenever your business implements new processes or software you need to perform change management. It is important to assess who will be affected by this change and what processes will be affected.

When you skip change management you may run into bumps later down the road once everything is live. For example, there is going to be a learning curve where your employees may struggle to use the new software in their day-to-day and can begin to resent it.

The best technology doesn’t do anything if it’s not used properly. This brings us to our next common mistake, no training for ERP migration.

3. Lack of Training

What good is an amazing software if your team doesn’t know how to properly use it to its full capacity?

Your ERP software provider shouldn’t just transfer you over and wipe their hands clean. They need to provide your entire team with training on the ins and outs of your new software.

erp migration training

But it shouldn’t be just any training, it should be tailored to your business’s unique needs so they can teach you the best tactics. Khameleon provides extensive support services for all of your software needs, including software maintenance & upgrades, training, installation, and end-user support.

Speaking of maintenance…

4. Forgetting a Maintenance Plan

When it comes to software there is no one and done. Technology is always evolving and improving so your ERP software needs to as well. That way it does not become outdated.

Lucky for you some ERP partners provide maintenance as part of their services. This saves you money on having to hire outside support.

For example, Khameleon offers comprehensive software maintenance and a HelpDesk program. This gives you on-demand functional and technical assistance in the ongoing use and operation of our software tools.

Additionally, we regularly provide new software upgrades and product enhancements so you can take advantage of the latest technology and stay ahead of your competition.

5. Poorly Migrating Data

There’s nothing worse than losing important data. It can cost you lots of time, money, and maybe even a customer.

Some businesses also run into problems with the timeline of the migration. They have to stop business during migration while waiting for their data to transfer over.

By using a cloud-based system you can safely transfer all of your data in 3-6 months. Working with an ERP partner who knows ERP data migration best practices makes the process so seamless that there isn’t any downtime. Meaning no loss of revenue.

6. Picking a General Solution

General ERP software often provides a high quantity of features but not quality. Industry-specific solutions know your business and how they can help optimize your processes.

industry specific erp

Benefits of using an industry-specific include:

  • Lower costs in the long run
  • The ability to address industry-specific pain points
  • Seamless ERP migration
  • Up-to-date information on industry best practices
  • Vendors who are industry experts
  • Providing exceptional customer service

Sounds pretty good right? This is because they were built specifically with your industry’s needs in mind.

7. Not Consulting the End-Users

Ask yourself, who is going to be using this software every day? These people have first-hand knowledge of the areas in your processes that need help.

Therefore, they are the ones who have the best understanding of what is needed out of your ERP solution. Even if they aren’t the ones making the final decision you should ask your employees across all departments what they need to perform at their best.

You can also ask your customers where they think you are lacking to help you determine what you need to improve upon. Then you can find an ERP solution that will help support your optimization and improvement in those areas.

8. Choosing the Wrong Partner

About 80% of customers are unhappy with their current ERP. So why don’t they change?

Because they fear migration. But with the right partner, this task does not have to be so daunting.

erp migration partner

So let’s define what is a bad ERP partner:

  • A bad partner does not provide ongoing support
  • Someone who leaves your questions unanswered
  • The wrong partner does not understand your business’s unique needs
  • They don’t provide seamless integrations and partnerships

The right ERP partner will not only provide everything listed above but they will work with you to make sure you have everything you need for your business.

For example, Khameleon has an annual Khameleon Conference where we talk with our customers to get their feedback and discuss how we can better serve their needs.

Don’t Make Any ERP Migrating Mistakes, Work with Khameleon

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Still unsure if you even want to use ERP software? Read our latest article on 5 Ways to Improve Your Business’s Efficiency with an ERP System.

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