Workforce Management System: Khameleon’s Haworth Integration Services Cuts Errors & Labor Time in Half

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Just over three years ago, Khameleon Software, an industry-leading ERP system for office furniture dealers in the U.S. and Canada, proudly announced the addition of Haworth Web Services Integration to their management toolbox.

The integration was designed to give office furniture dealers a direct lifeline to Haworth, connecting countless features of Haworth’s internal system Lynx with Khameleon’s ERP, thus streamlining the industry’s biggest pillars: pricing, acknowledgments, ordering, and reporting.

Now, in 2020, the integration has undergone several important updates to help Khameleon’s clients save hours of work and significantly reduce the margin of operational errors they experience on a daily basis.

We interviewed some of the integration’s top users to find out more.

Recent Improvements to Haworth Integration Services (& What Our Clients Have to Say)

Chris Dunning, Director of Information Technology at Brigholme Interiors Group, originally switched over to Khameleon from their legacy ERP in 2013, looking for a more robust solution.

For a company that does upwards of 80% of their business with Haworth, the Haworth Integration Service has been an absolute game-changer for Brigholme.

Now we can do the same job in half the time,” says Mckercher.

It streamlines the process of ordering, pricing, invoicing and acknowledgments all-in-one, allowing us to gain significant internal efficiencies & cut down our margin erosion.

Greg Shadowens, Business Support Systems Manager at FMG, also raves about the ability to streamline work.

It made perfect sense. This integration bridged the gap between Lynx & Khameleon. Sometimes employees would put information into one system and forget the other. We are now so much more efficient working out of one system.

Greg Shadowens
Greg Shadowens, FMG Business Support Systems Manager

In the past two years alone, Khameleon has made over 20 significant improvements to the software. We asked our users to select some of their favorites, which are listed below:

Advanced Integration Capabilities

  • Information Requests: Ability to request New Partner ID from Haworth during pricing & PO Submission
  • Walls Orders:Ability to price and submit Walls Orders
  • Accounting Integration: Add ability to pull vendor Invoices from Haworth & process them into Accounts Payable (display Invoice in Exceptions screen when there is an exception)

Efficiency Generating Features

  • Future Price Dating: Ability to send Future Price Date for Quotes during pricing
  • Mass Data Updating: Ability to Mass Update Needed Date, Process Date, Install Date, PO Ship To by Tags
  • Data Streamlining: Ability to write back SPA & Partner ID to Customer Master during pricing and PO Submission (so users don’t have to define them upfront in Customer Master for all Customers)
  • Invoice Segmentation: During invoicing, when invoices are processed to AP Batch, display the batch name as the first 3 chars of Entity (differentiating the Vendor Invoices batches based on entity & benefiting dealers using Multi Entity Feature in Khameleon)

Margin Erosion Features

  • Error & Disclaimer Segmentation: Ability to read error & disclaimer messages on quotes & POs submitted to Haworth
  • Automated Disclaimer Notifications: During Order Confirmation in Khameleon, if the Quote has disclaimer messages then display a prompt “Did you fix the disclaimer?” (if YES, confirm the Order and create a PO: if NO, return to Order and have the user fix the disclaimer and resubmit for pricing)
  • Advanced Pricing Acknowledgements: During acknowledgement, if pricing has no errors but there is a Haworth disclaimer, then capture Header & Line Level Disclaimer Messages that have below keywords & display in a PDF attached to the email:
    • LSET
    • Expires
    • Color
    • Not Allowed
    • Not be available

Implementing Haworth Integration: Is It Difficult?

Normally, the main concerns dealers feel when moving toward a new integration is the implementation. With that in mind, Khameleon has worked closely with Brigholme over the past 2 years to develop a seamless implementation process.

Khameleon made it super easy to implement – now some of our staff’s daily tasks are as easy as pushing a button. The transition has been very natural.” Mckercher adds.

They really listened to all of our individual needs and made sure the implementation made our lives easier.

Greg Shadowens of FMG adds that some of his employees were naturally reluctant at first to move over to the integration, but are now 100% believers.

That’s very normal when introducing a new technology. But now, they absolutely love it. The process for onboarding new users is super easy – they pick it up very quickly.

Upon asking why adopting the software’s new features has been so successful, Shadowens mentioned the diminishing paper trail.

When Haworth sends all of our team members electronic invoices, if everything matches fine, we don’t have to sort through reams of paper. It saves us a colossal amount of time and guesswork.

As software continues to evolve, Khameleon will continue to improve upon the Haworth Integration Services in order to fulfill their promise to their clients – to be the ultimate one-stop-software-shop for office contract furniture dealers.

About Khameleon Software

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Khameleon Software is the industry-leading enterprise resource planning solution for office furniture dealers. The software is designed to help these dealers run more productive, profitable and interconnected businesses.

In addition to real-time order management, report generation, billing, and project management, Khameleon empowers office furniture dealers to run their businesses on one single, cloud-based platform, which is particularly useful in today’s world.

With just over 20 years in the industry, many of this sector’s best-in-class and Haworth Preferred office furniture dealers choose Khameleon for their unparalleled capabilities and cutting-edge integrations.


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