How Khameleon’s Integrated Security Software Transformed This Start Up

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How Great Integrated Security Software  Can Grow Security Dealer Businesses

The right Integrated Security Software can grow a security dealer start-up into a thriving business.

Keep reading to learn how NexGen Security has benefited from Khameleon’s software solutions.

NextGen Security

Since its initial beginnings as a small start-up in 2012, NextGen Security has heavily relied on Khameleon Software to develop it into the expansive electronic security integrator that it is today.

From close partnerships with Avalara and Oracle to key integrations such as D Tools and Intellinetics, Khameleon has given NextGen the security that it needs to transform from a start-up into a reliable, efficient, and valuable business.

Dive into this case study with Dwight Smith, Sr VP of Finance & Administration at NextGen Security, to discover how Khameleon’s constant innovation, token partnerships, and advanced integrations helped propel his company to success.

“We knew that Khameleon’s ERP system (Integrated Security Software) would help us grow into the company that we wanted to become.”

Dwight Smith, Sr VP of Finance & Administration at NextGen Security
Dwight Smith, Sr VP of Finance & Administration at NextGen Security

From the very moment Smith and his team created NextGen Security, they knew that they needed an advanced ERP solution built specifically to handle all of the complex needs of a security integrator.

“Many of our projects are built from start to finish through NextGen Security, from the initial engineering design to the construction phase and installation. We needed an integrated security software that would help us manage our rapidly growing business from the very beginning, and Khameleon fit the bill,” explains Dwight Smith.

Khameleon offers a 100% cloud-based structure with advanced reporting and work order management software, making it the ultimate ERP system for security integrators. This made it the ideal candidate for NextGen Security.

NextGen Estimates Khameleon Has Saved Them Millions in Accounting Services

Furthermore, since Khameleon has an efficient automated approach to tedious accounting processes, NextGen Security was able to grow without hiring additional staff.

“When it comes to the traditional approach to accounting and back office, those accounting departments grow out of control as volume and transaction accounts increase. Consequently, your headcount also increases to keep up with the workload and demand. That’s not the case with Khameleon,” claims Smith.

The Value of Touchless Interaction & Automation in Integrated Security Software

According to Smith, his company has estimated a savings of roughly $225,000 per year on accounting processes alone after using Khameleon’s integrated security software. This equates to over $2,000,000 for the 9 years that they have been in business!

“There are mechanisms within the software that allows these transactions to efficiently flow through. All of this is touchless interaction. The automation saves you so much time and money.”

Along with advanced labor management tools, Khameleon also gave NextGen Security access to highly desirable partnerships, like Oracle.

“To be able to have the confidence of the Oracle cloud on our side – that’s a game changer for our company.”

When NextGen Security first started, the company closed several high-profile petrochemical deals, all of which required extremely complex security requirements, regulated by the federal government.

“The clients we serve don’t just let anyone become their security provider. More often than not, they come to NextGen Security with a ton of questions about our level of security integrations. And to know that they have the confidence of the Oracle Cloud on their side, they love it! They know that their data is secure because it’s Oracle,” states Smith.

Due to Khameleon’s tight-knit partnership with Oracle, NextGen Security is able to attract and acquire top-tier clients and give them peace of mind about where their data resides using this integrated security software.

Cubicles in a Company that Uses Integrated Security Software

“We invest with Khameleon so we can build innovative integrations for our business.”

Like other security dealerships that work with complex projects, NextGen Security relies heavily on innovative technology to succeed.

Fortunately, Khameleon hosts the Khameleon Conference every year, which enables its clients to:

  • Connect with their team and peers
  • Discuss new innovative integrations that will benefit their business
  • Vote on the product enhancements for the coming year

Over the years, Smith’s partnership with Khameleon has allowed him to voice his desire for several useful integrations and applications, including DTools and Intellinetics.

Engineer Presentation-Worthy Designs with DTools Integration (Using Our Integrated Security Software)

The first integration that Smith requested which Khameleon successfully integrated was DTools, a third-party integration commonly used for large projects that need precise organization of complex projects, designs, and systems.

“This was a very good integration for electronic security integrators like us, as well as AV integrators and other project-based dealerships.”

According to Smith, DTools allows NextGen Security to put together organized and detailed designs that are ready for presentation.

Save Time on Tedious Tasks with Intellinetics Integration

Next, Smith and his team requested Intellinetics, automation that allows project-based dealerships to quickly receive inbound invoices from their vendors. Khameleon listened and added the integration to their platform.

“Intellinetics is an interface that we use on a daily basis. In fact, it is one of the main staples that allow us to continue to grow as an organization without adding accounts payable or accounts receivable personnel.”

The technology uses proximal recognition to take a snapshot of the invoice and automatically infer:

  • Where the invoice is from
  • What the invoice number is
  • When the invoice was created

The integration then organizes the information in an excel sheet so it can be loaded into the system rather than manually entered by a user. This has saved NextGen Security thousands of hours and dollars.

Access Reports On-the-Go with the Service Desk Mobile App

Finally, Khameleon leveraged Oracle technologies to develop a single code application that gives project-based dealerships mobility in the field.

“The Service Desk mobile application was made to be so simple that it doesn’t even require training to use it,” Smith proudly states. “It helps technicians in the field to dispatch calls and relay information directly through Khameleon Software. The information comes straight to us and to the customer, without having to use paper invoices.”

Using the mobile app, Smith and his team are able to quickly receive the reports and data they need to run a productive, profitable, and interconnected business.

“Having every possible element of information imaginable all in the same database, the Khameleon business analytics are limitless.”

With streamlined software that is able to manage the added complexities of sales estimating and project accounting while also providing a general ledger and accounting modules, Khameleon is the perfect software solution for security integrators. An Industry-specific ERP has several key benefits over a more generalized solution.

“If you’re in need of a cloud-based software platform to efficiently run your security/technology integration business end-to-end, there is no other single solution that can do what Khameleon can. You’re wasting your time by looking any further,” states Smith.

Like NextGen Security, you can easily manage and grow your business with Khameleon Software. Request a free demo to see how Khameleon can take your company to the top.


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