6 Key Advantages to Using Industry Specific ERP Software

By khameleon

Your business is unlike any other. That’s what makes it so special. So it can be frustrating when the ERP software you use doesn’t treat you that way.

That’s why you need industry specific ERP software that can provide the particular solutions your business needs.

ERP softwares are unable to provide everything your business needs unless that ERP is catered to your industry.

In this article, we will explain what an industry specific ERP is and its advantages.

What is an Industry Specific ERP Software?

First off let’s start with the basics, what is ERP software. ERP, or enterprise resource planning, is the process used in order to manage your company and integrate key business aspects.

ERP software is an application that helps businesses implement their resource planning and integrate all processes. Often these softwares include features that can help improve the efficiency of every aspect of a business.

What makes an industry specific software different is that not only does it have the typical functions of an ERP software, but it also provides additional industry-related solutions without the costly add ons.

6 Advantages of an Industry Specific ERP Software

In a survey of industry executives, 67% said that industry-specific functionality is an important feature when choosing an ERP software. Additionally more than half stated that there are currently gaps in their functions due to a lack of industry specific functions in their generic ERP software.

So why are so many frustrated with generic software?

A generic ERP software provides a little bit of everything to suit as many industries as possible. Whereas, an industry specific ERP software is able to focus on the industry’s unique needs and create an amazing, tailored solution.

So let’s dive a little deeper into the advantages of implementing industry specific ERP software for your business. Starting with one that we know is very important to businesses, cost.

Industry Specific ERP Software

1. Lower Costs

While the initial purchasing cost of a generic ERP software may be cheaper, in the long run, you will end up paying more. These generic softwares provide very limited features so it makes sense for the cost to be lower. After all, you get what you pay for.

Most generic ERP softwares only provide base-level features and will charge you extra to add on customizations to better suit your industry’s needs. You end up paying for features you don’t want and not getting the ones you need.

An industry specific ERP software will provide everything your industry needs from the get-go. Therefore that initial payment is usually the only one you will have to make. There are no hidden fees.

2. Addresses Industry Specific Pain Points

A generic ERP software is created by people who know nothing about your industry. This means they know nothing about what your business does or the pain points your business may come across.

An industry specific ERP solution is designed to remove the roadblocks your industry commonly faces on the day-to-day. Not only do industry specific ERP solutions solve your pain points but they also work to understand and diffuse your customers’ pain points.

For instance, Khameleon’s team does extensive research as well as takes the time to talk with their customers to stay updated on the complexities of the different types of industries and the problems they face. How they do this is by holding a Khameleon Conference, putting together user groups, and having an advisory board filled with experts with a focus on specific industries.

3. Provides Seamless Migration

Niche ERP Softwares come with pre-built modules and features designed with your industry in mind. Therefore, you do not need to create additional add-ons. This saves you both money and a lot of time, making the migration and implementation of your software a whole lot quicker.

These generic softwares need to have their developers code additional features which can take a lot of time. Skip the hassle by working with an industry-specific ERP software that can provide a pain-free and quick software implementation.

With Kameleon, Office Interiors, a furniture dealership, was able to migrate their entire business in less than 3 months. This seamless migration allowed Office Interiors to run a more productive business without having to go through downtime during the transition.

seamless erp software migration

4. Gives Industry Best Practices

As you may already know, your industry has best practices that can make or break a business. There are specific requirements and regulations you have to know and follow.

A software crafted for your specific industry will provide functions that address all these best practices and make sure your business is complying. The best industry specific software will also stay up-to-date on any changes in your industry and update their modules.

5. ERP Vendors are Industry Experts

When you work with an industry-specific ERP company, you can rest easy knowing you’re partnering with people who know your industry almost as well as you do. In fact, they may even be able to teach you a thing or two.

They have years of experience working in your industry and therefore have tons of industry knowledge.

So how is this helpful? Your ERP software is designed specifically to solve all of your industry-related problems and needs. This also means you don’t have to worry about reminding your vendor of your industry’s requirements.

Additionally, having a vendor who is an expert in your industry means that you have someone you can talk to about any issues that may occur. They are able to understand your unique problems and provide helpful solutions.

ERP Industry Experts

6. Exceptional Customer Service and Support

Working with software specific to your niche, allows you to receive expert software and industry support. You can get extensive training on how to use the software efficiently for your business’s needs and answer all your questions.

We know that dealerships’ main priority is providing a superior customer experience. With an industry ERP not only can you expect great service but you can deliver exceptional customer service. Industry specific ERP solutions look at industries’ end-users and their needs before designing the software.

By improving your processes efficiency you are able to provide your customers with better service and improve satisfaction. This provides industries with features such as order tracking to help your business stay ahead of any problems.

Enhance Your Business with the Best Industry Specific ERP Software

At Khameleon we work specifically with project-based dealerships so that we can provide a complete industry specific ERP solution. The three main industries that our ERP software focuses on are contract office furniture, integrated security, and audio and visual system providers.

We help to streamline your business with one easy-to-use software that was built for your industry’s needs. Khameleon’s industry-specific ERP can simplify your entire operations from quote to cash.

Our goal is to not only make managing your business easier but to help your project-based dealership grow. Request a free demo to see how Khameleon can transform your company.


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