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Let Us Handle the Migration For You

The moment you choose Khameleon, you will instantly receive a software implementation consultant who will evaluate every aspect of your dealership and give you the best tactics to navigate the installation process. Not only will we take care of the entire implementation process, but we will give your whole team expert instruction on how to effectively operate your new Khameleon platform. No full-time resources or outside technical help are required!

Khameleon migration

Switching to Khameleon is a Breeze

Migrating to a new software system has never been so easy. After over 80+ successful implementations, our dedicated team of industry experts are here to offer you our tried and true method to migrate your business to our system. We remove the need for you to procure and set up new hardware, which saves you time and (many) headaches. With Khameleon, your business will:

  • Receive immediate assistance from a personal Khameleon installation consultant
  • Seamlessly transition to our support team/HelpDesk for all future help/additional needs
  • Deploy production successfully with our experienced assistance evaluation process
  • Migrate/Implement all information, data, and processes within 3-6 months
  • Get expert training so your entire team knows the ins-and-outs of the software system
  • Handle all technical aspects of implementation with one simple cloud-based solution

It's time to switch to Khameleon.

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Migration FAQs/Common Migration Questions

3 months for professional, 6 months for Enterprise.

We regularly hear this question from prospective clients. For over 20 years, we learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t when migrating a dealership to a new operating system. Through this experience, we have developed a refined implementation methodology for your dealership migration. 

As a 100 % cloud-based solution, we have complete control over the technical environment. By removing the need for you to procure and set up new hardware, we are removing a time consuming and often challenging activity. First, we start with a series of questionnaires so your Khameleon implementation consultant can configure and stage your system based on best practices.

Once staged, your Khameleon consultant validates the set up and assures the software is up and operational.

Next, we train your team on how to use and operate your new Khameleon software. Through a series of live sessions by a functional team, your users will receive expert instruction and learn how to effectively operate your dealership on Khameleon.

Finally, we elevate your dealership to production. We have found this step is critical in the success of your deployment and when experienced assistance is a necessity. We plan on and schedule your implementation consultant to be ready to respond to any issues you encounter to assure minimal business interruption. Your consultant is assigned to assist your dealership until you are ready to transition to our support team.

No, a full time resource is not needed. However, we have learned that a designated lead on your team helps to keep your dealership on track with implementation.

No, a technical resource is not required. As a cloud-based solution, Khameleon

handles all of the technical aspects of your implementation.