5 Ways Mobile ERPs Enhance Productivity For Security Dealer Field Service Teams

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It’s no secret that your field service team is on the road all the time. Here’s the problem: If you don’t have the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to support your traveling technicians, then chances are you will run into many roadblocks along the way. This is where a mobile ERP solution comes in handy.

From on-demand work orders to easily-accessible schedules, ERP on mobile devices will help you run your business more efficiently, even when you or your team step out of the office.

In this article, you will learn how a cloud-based ERP software with mobile compatibility is a complete game changer for security dealerships and system integrators like you.

Keep reading to discover 5 ways ERP mobile integrations will improve communication and streamline your business. Let’s get started.

What is Mobile ERP?

As a security dealership, you’re probably already familiar with enterprise resource planning software. However, in today’s modern world, it’s incredibly important to also have access to your ERP while on the road. Otherwise, you run into management problems such as communication issues and accounting incongruencies.

Luckily, ERP on mobile allows you to simplify your operations from quote to cash, even when your team is working in the field. Mobile ERP gives you the opportunity to operate your business through mobile devices, such as:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops

Typically, ERP on mobile devices is supported by a safe and secure network through the cloud. This gives you the autonomy to place or update work orders, send invoices, receive service requests, create calendars, and communicate to your stakeholders on the go.

5 Ways ERP on Mobile Enhances Productivity in the Field

Efficiency plays a major role in the success of a company. ERP systems help you manage your business in the office. But, why limit yourself to just an onsite desktop?

Instead, a mobile ERP solution is the way to go to skyrocket your productivity while in the field. Here’s how.

1. Streamline Communication Across the Board

One of the best benefits of a mobile ERP is its ability to overcome many communication challenges found in the industry.

For instance, a major problem seen amongst technicians is message to receiver errors. Too often, your field service staff miss important updates about schedule changes, task notifications, and more.

Instead, with just a click of a button, you can send your entire team updates through a secure network. Not only does this empower your employees and improve collaboration, but it also makes your day-to-day business operations run more efficiently.

Send Personalized Updates to Customers

A mobile ERP solution also gives you and your staff the power to communicate effectively with your customers. Now, you can send personalized data and reports to your customers to improve transparency and foster trust.

Through mobile ERP your customers can monitor the status of the project straight from their phone or tablet. In seconds, they can see crucial details and task updates, so they are always well-informed of the daily decisions made on their project.

mobile erp

2. Support Work Orders, Invoices, and Reports

Here’s a fact: You oversee multiple large-scale projects every day. With so many operations taking place at once, it’s absolutely crucial for you to coordinate both internal and external activities no matter where you are.

Monitor the Progress of Complex Projects

With a mobile ERP on your side, you can manage multifaceted projects from start to finish, straight from your mobile device.

According to Dwight Smith, the Sr VP of NextGen Security, “Our mobile ERP helps technicians in the field to dispatch calls and relay information directly through Khameleon Software. The information comes straight to us and to the customer, without having to use paper forms.”

Through a mobile ERP system like Khameleon, you can:

  • Create proactive to-do lists
  • Manage customer service requests
  • Generate work orders

Be sure to set up instant alerts for tasks and progress reports, so you always stay in the loop.

3. Access Important Documents Anytime, Anywhere

As a security dealer, many of your projects deal with complex systems and difficult processes. Therefore, your team often needs access to parts lists, schematics, invoices, and other important documentation to get the job done.

Luckily, ERP on mobile gives each employee quick access to the information they need. Instead of carrying handfuls of manufacturer’s documentation and instruction manuals, technicians can keep all of the documents they need in one place: their smartphones.

Download Photos and Videos

Since most mobile devices have cameras built into them, field service team members can take photos and videos of project progress. Once submitted to the mobile ERP system, you can open these downloads anytime.

You can also share these images with customers, employees, and partners. Speaking of partners…

4. Track Products from Vendors

Your vendors are at the core of your business. Without their support, your job would be that much more difficult. With that being said, clear communication between you and your suppliers is absolutely necessary.

So, when damaged or non-conforming products from vendors appear, it’s important that you are notified and have access to process the products for returns. Through a mobile ERP system, back office customer service staff will be alerted about any product issues so they can schedule returns or warranty claims.

mobile erp

5. Reduce Scheduling Mishaps

Mobile calendars give schedulers the opportunity to adjust schedules in a matter of minutes. So, if life gets in the way or a job takes longer than originally planned, daily appointments can be moved around on the fly.

Through mobile integration, schedulers can update the date, time, location, and instructions for each task. Furthermore, technicians always have immediate access to their calendars on their mobile devices. That way, if a scheduling change has been made, they will be notified of the update.

Not only does this reduce scheduling errors, but it also ensures that all field service employees know where to go next.

Reap the Benefits of ERP on Mobile with Khameleon

As you can see, there are many ways a mobile-compatible ERP solution can enhance productivity for your security dealership. When you have the autonomy to manage and monitor multifaceted projects on the go, you can reduce errors in the field and improve customer satisfaction.

Want to learn more about the benefits of Khameleon for security dealers? Read our other article, 9 Benefits of Cloud-Based ERP Systems for Security Service Providers.

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