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Software that Simplifies Every Aspect of Project-Based Businesses

Khameleon’s cloud-based software is strategically designed to meet every business need of project-based dealerships and systems integrators. No matter how big or complicated the project, our software is set up to simplify every aspect of your operations, from quote to cash (and more).

What makes Khameleon unlike any other ERP system is our easily-navigable, prepackaged modules that offer all of the project management & reporting tools you need to confidently run your business. You can improve your business processes with Khameleon.

Our Solution

A cloud-based subscription model that offers two options depending on the size of your dealership.

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  • For small to mid-size dealers
  • Out-of-box solution
  • 90-day implementation
  • 4-6 month staff training
  • Manage entire project delivery life-cycles
  • Helpdesk support
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  • For medium to large dealers
  • Robust, fully customized solution
  • 4-6 month staff training
  • Manage entire project delivery life-cycles
  • Helpdesk support
  • Advanced business intelligence analytics
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Workflow Management

Oversee All Your Tasks in One Place

Assign, manage, and complete tasks all in one spot. With Khameleon’s My Tasks proactive to-do list, never lose track of assignments again.

Manage Customer Service Requests

Keep up with service requests in a fraction of the time. Our software notifies you the moment a service request enters so you can respond in a timely manner and build customer trust.

Receive Milestone Notifications

Get notified when milestones are completed to improve internal communication and keep your project workflow on track.

Turn-On Instant Alerts for Important Tasks

No matter where you are, always stay on-top of projects that need instant attention.

Sales & Projects

Manage Multifaceted Projects from Start to Finish

Oversee multiple vendors at once with our easy-to-use project management tool. Coordinate internal and external activities so you never lose sight of important dates (like product shipment and arrival).

Generate Complex Quotes With Ease

Quickly produce and modify complex project quotes to speed up your sales-cycle.

Calculate Job Costing to Maximize Profitability

Accurately track the cost and revenue of specific jobs with our profitability analysis tool. Compare actual costs vs budget with resource management so you can overcome potential road bumps before they happen.

Accurately Forecast Sales

Utilize Khameleon’s sales forecasting tool to make more informed business decisions.

Maximize Your Resource Allocation With Labor Utilization

With the proper forecasting and tracking of project milestones, you can easily caclulcate your labor utilization to make sure you schedule your staff efficiently and maximize your profitability.

Sales & Projects
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Manage All Aspects of the Delivery Process

From procurement to purchasing, staging, and installation, Khameleon’s operations module allows you to easily oversee all aspects of the delivery process so you never miss a beat.

Schedule Resources Both Internally & Externally

Manage vendors, sub-contractors, third-party resources, and internal labor with our Resource Scheduling tool to make sure all parts of the delivery process run smoothly.

Verify When Products are Received to Stay on Track

Keep projects on schedule/prioritize your project timeline with our automated Capacity Planning module. Maximize the delivery process and ensure you have all the components you ordered throughout the entire project.


Deliver Detailed Work Orders

Provide installation instructions and work statements for all internal and external labor to make sure everyone is on the same page/understands their scope of work.

Control, Standardize, and Measure Labor Estimates

Eliminate guesstimates and inconsistent labor bids by automating service estimates per site conditions, quantity, product type, and prior experiences.

Avoid (Costly) Project Delivery Road Bumps with Daily Site Reports and Mobile Punchlists

Capture and communicate issues identified on-site and immediately notify the appropriate personnel to take action. Manage product damage and repair requests, out-of-scope service requirements, delivery shortages, project notes and photos.

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Business Intelligence

Report Data in a Variety of Ways

Experience world-class reporting with our integrated business intelligence system. From graphs to charts to dashboards, display data in a way that works best for your specific goals.

Pinpoint Causes of Margin Erosion

Save detailed project reports, discover errors and pinpoint the exact causes of margin erosion to improve planning and save unnecessary costs.

Measure Performance Goals with Scorecards

Evaluate individual, department, and company performance with role-based scorecards. Make positive adjustments to ensure quotas are always met.

Receive Updates on Your Personalized Dashboard

Instantly review important data on your very own, personalized Khameleon dashboard so you never have to hunt for vital information again.


Maintain Data Integrity Throughout the Entire Organization

No information left behind. Khameleon accounting software integrates every aspect of your business, so you can easily drill all the way back to your general ledger and review it against your budget or forecast for unmatched accuracy.

Increase Cash Flow With Streamlined Accounting Processes

Set up, oversee, manage and automate all Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. Convert unbilled receivables to revenue more quickly.

Improve Contract Management

Stay up-to-date with contract renewals and revisions, automate billings and revenue recognition, and monitor terms and coverage using Khameleon Contracts software.

Protect Your Financial Integrity

Avoid accidentally deleting transactions. Once an order is placed, our software ensures the transaction cannot be deleted so you can always trace back invoices.

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Migration is a Breeze With Khameleon

Migrating to a new software system has never been easier. Within 3-6 months, our team of industry experts will migrate your entire business to our system and expertly train your staff on how to use it properly. Plus, with a personal Khameleon installation consultant on your side, no full-time resources or outside technical help are required!

Migration process

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How Our Process Works

1. Sign Up for a Personalized Demo

Schedule your free demo to see how Khameleon can improve your business operations and save you time and money.

2. Choose a Custom Software Plan

Our team of experts will work with you to find the perfect solution for your company or enterprise.

3. Receive Installation & Training

Enjoy peace of mind as our in-house support team installs your software & offers the hands-on training you need to get the most out of your ERP.

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Why Choose Khameleon

Khameleon combines CRM, quoting, analytics, customer support, and brings all your scattered data together into one cloud-based tool.

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One Single Easy-to-Use Interface

One single cloud-based platform that combines all of your company’s data and automates the entire project delivery life-cycle from quote to cash.

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Easily Navigable, Prepackaged Modules

Khameleon includes all of the prepackaged management & reporting tools you need to confidently run your business, eliminating the need for costly custom reports.

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Enjoy World-Class IT & Training Support

Learn how to follow the industry's best practices with our 4 – 6 month hands-on training and consulting.

Client Testimonials

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We are very happy that we transitioned our business operating system to Khameleon. It has been great for our team, getting everyone the information they need to efficiently perform their job! Would make the same decision today that we made when we made our selection. They are easy to reach and responsive when needed."

All Makes

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Khameleon allows us to have state-of-art reporting throughout the entire organization at the touch of a button. The more information each of us has, the better we can improve our operating results."

Bob Bacic

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Tech support is top-notch! Couldn’t ask for better response time when troubles arise."

Sabra Twiford

Software Your Projects
Can Rely On – for Life.

At Khameleon, we understand how important an advanced ERP system is for project-based dealerships and system integrators like you. No matter how fast your business grows or how big your projects may be, Khameleon software is a one-stop-shop for all your industry needs.