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After two decades of providing automation and project based accounting software to contract furniture dealerships, we have learned the rigors of their business process where operating margins are narrow and mistakes are the difference between profitable engagements or financial loss.

We merge that understanding with superior tier one analytics, and built a library of reports and role based dashboards designed to deliver the data each person requires to prioritize their work and make informed decisions, available through multiple vehicles; mobile device, PC, even in your email via scheduled automatic distributions of key reports.

Khameleon encapsulates all revenue and cost for products and all associated labor on our customer’s projects, i.e. a Project Order, which is not typical. Business management software has typically focused on one; either managing the order and delivery of products, or managing labor, but not both combined in a project.

By leveraging superior project accounting business logic built over 25 years, with an intuitive user interface, and ready to deploy best in class analytics, and you a have dealer business system tailored to account for every dime while empowering your people to optimize your operation.

Khameleon is a vertical solution, which means we focus our software’s capabilities to meet the exacting demands of Contract Furniture Dealers business process. We focus all our development dollars and work all day every day with contract furniture dealers, so we understand the contract furniture dealership business process very, very, well. Which enables us to evolve our application in concert with changes in our dealerships businesses as time progresses through our users group, client conference, and dealer executive advisory board. 

MS Dynamics and Sage are vertical providers which means their system is designed to operate many different types of businesses. In addition to having a horizontal focus, their product is sold and serviced through re-seller’s who typically make their livelihood writing and maintaining custom code for industry specific needs that aren’t available in the package they re-sell.

When dealing with Khameleon you are dealing with one firm. We are here to take care of all your dealer business system needs.

Minimum size is typically $10 – 15 million.

Our core technologies are tier one as is our cloud provider built to accommodate loads far in excess of what any Furniture dealer’s business would put on it. Having complete multi-entity capabilities, and multi-currency Khameleon is a fit for the industry’s largest dealerships.

We are built using 100% Oracle products. Having a technology partner who has invested $70B in research and development since FY04, assures that our customers aren’t getting left behind and missing technological opportunities to make their business run more profitably.

No, we are built using 100% Oracle Supported Products.

Yes Khameleon’s Applications are hosted in Oracle’s cloud.

We are frequently asked this question from perspective customers and the answer is no you do not need an IT person to effectively operate Khameleon, we designed our service offerings with this in mind. As I understand it, this is not the case with all of the business systems available to contract furniture dealers.

Khameleon offers many ways for you to enhance the software. Our annual top ten program at our client conference encourages our customer’s to present ideas for how to improve the product, where the top ten voted for enhancements are added to the product in a subsequent general release of software for no additional charge.

If the enhancement is deemed good functionality yet did not make the top ten we will offer a reduced cooperative development rate for the work required to deliver the new functionality, which will then become part of the base product and thus covered under your standard maintenance and support agreement with Khameleon. 

For functionality which I truly individual to your dealer our fully staffed development team will design and develop a solution to accommodate your business needs.

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