The Ultimate Solution for Enterprise Resource Planning

By khameleon

Khameleon Software creates technology solutions that help office furniture dealers and other service-based companies run more productive, profitable and interconnected businesses. However, Khameleon’s biggest advantage isn’t in the technical aspect, but rather in its practicality. Khameleon is focused on ease of use, intuitiveness and functionality that streamlines processes through simplifying all functions in the ERP process.

The Goal: Make ERP Easy

FMG, a giant in the office furniture industry and a Haworth Preferred Dealer Best in Class, felt the need to depart from their legacy ERP system for something faster and more nimble than their competitors. Their previous ERP software was clunky, slow, and lacked the proper integrations.

It also failed to provide the quality customer service experience that FMG was looking for, from answering small inquiries to collaboratively working on larger adjustments to the software. And there’s more: several bugs in their standard operating system impeded productivity, while a lack of proper training resources hindered their ability to properly educate their staff. These two factors led to real, tangible deficiencies in the overall profitability of their enterprise management.

Here’s What FMG Needed

A solution that could consolidate multiple software platforms, offer impeccable customer service, and be accessed from anywhere in the world – a pain-free yet highly effective ERP

The Results

Switching to Khameleon enabled FMG to grow considerably. Immediately after adoption, they were able to process more intricate orders, bid on more projects and manage the added complexities of tracking orders and finances of four new locations and various new marketplace segments. Now, Khameleon’s role-based dashboards empower each of FMG’s individual users, from the project management level to the C-level suite, to access what they need, when they need it. The clean, simple and intuitive format enables users across the board. Leadership is now able to have instant access to the data they need in real-time on all of their smart devices.

In other words, it’s been a game-changer.

Systems are more efficient, communication is optimized, and issues are resolved faster and easier than ever before. An industry-specific ERP is often just the thing businesses need to increase efficiency & save money.


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