Why Khameleon is the Perfect ERP Software Solution for AV Dealers

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An ERP Software Solution: Used and Trusted by AV Dealers

If you’re searching for an ERP software solution to help you keep up with an increase in demand or a quickly growing business, you’re not alone.

Office Interiors

For over 5 years, CEO Rob Meyers of Office Interiors has worked closely with Khameleon Software to successfully manage and forecast his expanding project-based dealership. As his business became more complex, Meyers knew he needed a comprehensive ERP that would help him keep up with his growing family-owned business.

Khameleon gave Meyers the opportunity he was looking for: one, easy-to-integrate software solution that came with a long-lasting partnership of key innovators in the office furniture space.

Conference room

Similar to Meyers, system integrators and AV dealers are experiencing rapid expansion in 2021. In order to handle this influx of projects, quotes, and service orders, the AV industry is in need of adaptable and innovative software technology that can go above and beyond traditional systems – without requiring you to hire more staff.

In this case study, Rob Meyers explains 3 key ways Khameleon Software helped Office Interiors successfully scale their operations and improve their bottom line.

Discover how Khameleon gives system integrators, project-based dealerships, and businesses in the AV industry the support they need to successfully grow.

1. “This ERP software solution is not a short-term proposition. It is a 20+ year partnership.”

Rob Meyers CEO of Office Interiors
Rob Meyers, CEO of Office Interiors

Before Meyers began his search for the perfect software solution, he knew that his business needed to feel confident with the company they partner with.

“Our management team had identified the need to move to an ERP software solution that supported our entire business process from a project lead to project completion,” states Meyers.

“We evaluated several companies and landed on Khameleon because their team was genuine and even provided us with dealers to talk to before we signed up – people who have gone through the entire experience.”

Like most businesses in the AV industry, Meyers knew this commitment was no small decision. A true partnership is meant to last decades, and Khameleon provided the perfect balance of advanced technology and customer support services to accomplish this goal.


Connect to a Tight-Knit Community

Furthermore, Khameleon offers a devoted community of employees and partners that help to innovate its technology and services.

According to Doug Angelone, the CEO of Khameleon,

“Our community is the key that unlocks our clients’ success.”

In fact, community has been a crucial step in the success of Office Interiors. Every year, Khameleon Software hosts the Khameleon Conference which enables its clients to:

  • Connect with their team
  • Network with their peers
  • Vote on the product enhancements for the coming year

Rob has even been asked to be on the Khameleon advisory board and connect with thought leaders to help Khameleon advance its mission to help office furniture dealers scale their businesses.

2. “Within 2-3 months, we migrated all of our customer information, received training, and touched our first order.”

Office Interiors kicked off their new ERP with Khameleon on January 20th, 2016. Prior to their integration, Rob and his team received extensive training to learn more about their Khameleon platform.

“Extensive training goes along the way when developing a new system and the Khameleon team was there to help us,” exclaims Meyers.

“A year after deployment we chose to go through another training session. This helped us gain a better understanding behind the logic of their software flow.”

Once integrated, new projects went straight into Khameleon while Meyers was able to run their current orders in Team Design at the same time.

Receive Exceptional Customer Support & Training

In less than 3 months, Meyers easily migrated his entire business to the new software.

According to Meyers, “The Khameleon team listens. When you talk with customer service or their leadership, they want to learn about your company’s challenges so they can continue to develop their product to benefit all their customers, large or small.”

The quick transition allowed Office Interiors to run a more productive and profitable business in a fraction of the time.

3. “Our business has grown 50% over the 5 years that we have used their solution.”

Today, Meyers and his team use the CRM, order management, scheduling, Service Desk, AR and Reports tools on a day-to-day basis. Despite the increased volume and number of transactions, they have not added to their staff and, most importantly, there has been less friction or stress to their processes.

This has allowed Office Interiors to scale tremendously

Innovative Product Updates for Leaner Operations

Additionally, as Khameleon has expanded their Synergy applications, Meyers has implemented the applications that most benefited his business.

“Recently, we started beta testing their new integration solution with dTools. The solution they co-developed with dTools has dramatically decreased the number of steps in our order entry process, from 17 to 2. Khameleon has improved our productivity and continues to help us become a better company,” claims Meyers.

According to Meyers, he is impressed by Khameleon’s strong desire to constantly innovate and always look to improve their software solutions.

“As earlier adopters, we embrace their new options and pilot experiences. We help test technology updates and make suggestions for changes.”

And that’s just the beginning.

Khameleon’s ERP Software Solution Minimized IT Costs By 25%

It’s hard to find IT professionals who understand the unique needs of the AV industry. Since Khameleon provides in-house IT services and handles all updates and troubleshooting, companies are able to lower the cost of outside IT services. In fact, Office Interiors was able to reduce the cost of outside IT help by 25%. An industry-specific ERP can not only lower costs but also comes with a few key benefits to make your processes smoother.

“Additionally, they offered a cloud-based solution that enabled us to minimize our on-site server investments and reduce our IT cost since they perform software maintenance.”

Finally, one of the key reasons Meyers chose Khameleon and will continue to partner with them for years to come is because they provide Office Interiors a one-stop-shop solution that doesn’t require upfront customization or the high costs in order for them to implement.


Scale Your Business with Khameleon Software

Like Office Interiors, you can easily manage and grow your business with Khameleon Software.

With streamlined software that gives you the added bonus of an advanced cloud-based solution and in-house IT support, Khameleon is the perfect software for system integrators and AV dealers. Request a free demo to see how Khameleon can transform your company.


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